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Empty Heart

Story written by Tammy More @2013

As the sun went down, she struggled to see the time, noticing she is late for work. Haunted by her employer’s words, “This is your final warning, late again and you’re fired.”she grew frantic, not eager to look for another job.

She forgot everything that happened last night until a man peeked out of her bedroom door. She dropped her head in her hands, feeling dirty and ashamed. Why do I do this?   This is not who I am. Chloe looked at him and said, “Get dressed and get out.”

“But, baby, I love you,” he said.

“Seriously, that’s funny. Bye now.”

Chloe could not get ready fast enough. Anxiety had taken over her mind, nothing made sense.

As she was driving, the wheels were turning in her mind. Once she reached the Longbranch Saloon, her fingers became part of the steering wheel. She feared losing her only stability. She slowly got out of the car and entered the doors to her destiny. She came in to see the regulars had reserved their spot for the night. Chloe said a quick hello, rushing to do her duty, her heart beating in her throat. She didn’t see the boss, which was a relief. But that inner voice kept telling he, You know she’s here and watching. At that moment, she saw the fiery head of hair make its way from the back room. “Will you come back to my office? We need to talk.” Your wild adventures have been hindering your performance here. I don’t want to fire you, but after your shift, I’m granting you a few days off. Chloe wasn’t thrilled, but didn’t argue. Maybe this was a chance to figure out her life and how to end her self destruction.

As she walked back out front, she noticed a man with dark tousled hair, a white T-shirt and baggy jeans, not the usual attire for this country western bar, and Chloe was curious to know more about him. He kept his head down like a shy, innocent child, hoping no one would see him. Was this her sign, an angel to bring her out of the darkness? A force was pulling her to him that she couldn’t control and didn’t want to. She was glad she had the chance to serve him. As she approached, he looked up, and his eyes ,blue like rain, connected with hers.

“Can I get you something.” Chloe said.

“Coffee, black.”

She brought his coffee, and found him looking down at the bar, as if his mother was saying, “its not polite to stare.

She was busy for a while and when found time, to see if he needed more coffee, he shook his dark tousled head and passed a folded napkin to her. Chloe took the napkin and walked to the other end of the bar to read , I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, MY ANGEL.   Chloe was flattered but confused by his meek and humble demeanor.   She was also intrigued.

By closing time, Chloe was tired and ready to go home. Last call was announced and customers started to leave, all except for her beautiful stranger.   This was okay with Chloe. “Do you need a ride home?” she said.

No, the world is my home, I’m on a life journey.

“Okay, so why are you here?” Chloe asked.

“To help you experience true love.” he said. There is a quote that I live by: ‘Love is an experience of oneself within oneself.’ It starts with loving yourself first and then true bliss will be yours. If you will trust me, I will show you.

Chloe outstretched her hand to his and they walked out into the night, never looking back.


Life’s Seed

Embrace fully your capacity to create, to think in unlimited ways, and to pursue everything that you have been wanting.  Be flexible, open and willing to let the new come to you.”  “This can be the most joyous, prosperous, and creative time of your life.”  ~Sanaya Roman & Duane Packe