This is Me

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There could be many words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs that I could type to tell you about myself, don’t worry, that’s not going to happen.   The description of me is simple:  honest, easy-going, passionate about people, art, earth, photography and  writing.   Love to help people as much as possible, because let’s face it, that’s the mission of human existence.    Have a vision to save the earth through recycling anything I can and also create art from recycled materials (magazines, bottle tops, wood, etc.).   I have loved taking photographs of life and its precious moments as long as I can remember.

This particular blog will contain random writings, thoughts, expressions, etc.  I am an open-minded person and invite you  whether  a writer or not, to make comments, share advice or send  YOUR writing in a message so I can share it with others.

This concludes this session of ME!

Have a beautiful day and make sure you are  never without a pen!


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