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Grateful Moments

Love by Peace by Piece Crations


This is the day of gratitude,

thankful for this precious gift of life.

A great family,

an awesome son and daughter.

Blessed to have a home,

food in my belly,

a place to rest my head.

There have been days

where I have complained.

I am human,

so there is no blame.

When those times do arise,

I feel guilty and sad inside.

But then I think

how blessed I really am,

and for that  my heart

is filled with love

and thankfulness.


Poem by Tammy More @2014




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A mind of free expression,

an eternal fantasy.

Just me is who I am,

no one in control.

Laugh, cry, pretend,

never know how it will end.

Longing for a piece of the composition pie,

not sure how fast or slow the pen may flow.

Does not matter if words are scattered,

for they are unfamiliar to all other eyes.

I do not write to judge or criticize,

despite what others may think.

I am just a mind of free expression,

with endless waves of imagination.


Poetry by Tammy More @ 2013