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Grateful Moments

Love by Peace by Piece Crations


This is the day of gratitude,

thankful for this precious gift of life.

A great family,

an awesome son and daughter.

Blessed to have a home,

food in my belly,

a place to rest my head.

There have been days

where I have complained.

I am human,

so there is no blame.

When those times do arise,

I feel guilty and sad inside.

But then I think

how blessed I really am,

and for that  my heart

is filled with love

and thankfulness.


Poem by Tammy More @2014


Take Time to See

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Take time to see….

The sun in the sky,

as it’s warmth and beauty

shines on you and me.

Take time to see….

The birds in the trees

singing nature’s song.

Take time to see….

The family who loves you


Take time to see….

The ones you pass by

without a home or a family.

Take time to see….

All the people

who have come into your life

past and present.

Take time to see….

How blessed your life is

just with what you have.

Take time to see….

What’s right before your eyes,

but also what’s not.

Take time to see….

You and how great you are,

just as you are.

Take time to see….

All the treasures in the world

and how grateful we should be.


Poetry by Tammy More @2013